In June 2010, BINA-ISTRA has introduced the electronic toll collection method of payment via ETC device. ETC - BINA-ISTRA device can also be used for toll payments at HAC and ARZ toll plazas, while ETC devices from HAC and ARZ, if previously encoded in BINA-ISTRA, can at the same time be used for payment at toll plazas on Istrian Y.

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In order to further strengthen and expand our bilateral cooperation on February 17th 2011 HUKA paid visit to the Austrian concessionaire ASFINAG. Its member of Management Board, Klaus Schierhackl and his colleague Julia Huber organised once again an excellent and fruitful visit. In the Croatian delegation there were HUKA’s President Miro Škrgatić, Vice-President Aleksandar Čaklović and Deputy Coordinator Diana Benković. From Autocesta Rijeka-Zagreb visit was attended by Ante Pribanić, Director of Operation and Maintenance Branch and his colleague Zrinka Drozdek from traffic control and management unit.

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A round table conference on road safety on motorways was held in Zagreb on 15th December 2010 at the initiative of Croatian Association of Toll Motorways Concessionaries whose member include all motorway operators in the Republic of Croatia: Hrvatske Autoceste (HAC) ltd, Rijeka-Zagreb motorway ltd, Bina-Istra ltd, Zagreb - Macelj ltd.

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