Tolls are the main source of road infrastructure financing. Toll collection revenues are used to finance, build, maintain, operate and improve the motorways.

Two toll collection systems are in use on Croatian motorways: open and closed toll collection system. On engineering structures (bridges, tunnels) and on shorter motorway sections the open toll system is in use. In such toll system a toll station serves as both entry and exit station which means that toll transactions are conducted immediately based on the subject vehicle category. On motorways with several entries and exits closed toll collection system is in use.

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The ETC system is a type of no-contact toll collection in which the user does not have any contact with toll booths or toll attendants, and the invoice is issued on a monthly basis, or a prepaid option may be used.

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Vehicles are classified into five tolling categories or classes in accordance with the Bylaw on the tolls charged on public roads, and the Decision on motorway toll rates, as approved by the MPPI.

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Construction of motorways, and their operation and maintenance, can be financed from the budget, i.e. from funds contributed by all citizens - tax payers, regardless of how often they are using the motorways. In this case, the budget funding allocated to other sectors (health care, education, etc.) would have to be reduced. The fact is that there are no free motorways.

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