The Croatian Association of Toll Motorways Concessionaires (HUKA) is a civil, nonparty, no-profit, transport-sector organization.

It was founded to protect and promote the interests of its members, namely the companies that operate motorways in the Republic of Croatia based on concession granted to them either for construction, operation and maintenance of motorways, or for operation and maintenance of motorways only.  HUKAs activities are financed through annual membership fee it gets from its members.

HUKA strives to improve cooperation among its members through exchange of experience and information, and through discussion of issues individual members are confronted with, which can easier be solved through joint action.

The association cooperates with domestic and international bodies and organizations dealing with issues that are of significance to concession motorways.

HUKA members currently operate the semi-motorway and motorway network of total length of 1.313,40 km.

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