ASECAP Road Safety Conference in Madrid

The 7th ASECAP ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE, held in Madrid on the 25th of March, has been a key opportunity for toll road operators to present their most innovative initiatives and the great results achieved, by "saving lives", on their road network.

During the opening speech of the conference Jean Mesqui, ASECAP President, had the opportunity to ensure all that

road safety represents and, will always remain, a key priority for ASECAP and its members who will continue to consistently invest financial, human and technological resources to ensure the safest road network in Europe.

The conference has been converted in a forum of discussion among the key stakeholders engaged in road safety issues which confirmed that a common understanding and strong coordination are fundamental in bringing forward and, subsequently implement, more effective and innovative frameworks on road safety across the EU. Representatives from the European institutions, national representatives from the Spanish Parliament and experts from the transport sectors discussed together the main challenges faced and the possible solutions.

It was clearly recognized the great work that ASECAP members are doing on communications, raising awareness campaigns, deployment of new technologies and innovative services to improve road safety and towards the effective implementation of European and national regulations. As a result ASECAP members have been able to reduce fatality rate by more than 60% on their road network meaning 520 lives saved in the last decade.

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