The role of the infrastructure investments in the new EU road mobility package

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New issue of HUKA's Key Figures for 2016 has been published in May. This edition contains several key data providing a short insight into activities conducted by motorway operators in Croatia. Data provided refer to network development, toll collection technologies, toll revenues, investments, traffic, safety and workforce.

We have the pleasure to present you a new issue of the National Report on Motorways in Croatia for the year 2016. As per December 31, 2016 the Croatian Motorway Network amounted to 1,313.83 km and is operated by 4 companies. This edition provides an overview of the most significant data dealing with the activities of motorway companies. It provides information about the construction of new stretches of motorway and plans for the year 2017. You can also find out which tolling systems are in use on Croatian motorways and statistical data on toll revenues, figures on traffic and safety for all motorway operators as well as short and long term plans of the companies.

HUKA headquarters is now at a new address :

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