ASECAP Members

ASECAP is the European professional Association of operators of toll road infrastructures. An ASECAP member can be either a national association, if formed, or an individual company or body in charge of financing and/or construction and/or maintenance and/or operation of road infrastructure or motorways, whose revenues originate partly or fully from toll collected from the users. Each country can be represented in ASECAP by one entity only (company or association or body). ASECAP members can be either full members or associate members.

ASECAP now has 17 full members:Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain and the United Kingdom and 4 associate members:Germany, Morocco, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation.

The above members operate the total of 30,000 kilometres of toll motorways.

Full members

Full members are:

  1. national associations or society groups that have been granted concession or are in charge of construction or management of toll motorways in Europe. A member is entitled to represent its country if more than a half of the national toll motorway network is held by societies that form an association or a society group.
  2. national associations that operate, maintain, finance and build toll motorways in Europe.

Associate members

The status of ASECAP associate members can be granted to national toll motorway associations from non-EU countries if they share a border with the European Union, or if they are directly linked with an ASECAP member via the Mediterranean Sea.

The status of an associate member can also be given to institutions or associations that are directly interested in the development of motorway policies, and also to companies in charge of collection of toll based on distance travelled.

Application for membership

Each candidate is required to send to the ASECAP Secretariat an application letter with an expression of interest, and the description of the company.

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