ETC | Electronic Toll Collection

The ETC system is a type of no-contact toll collection in which the user does not have any contact with toll booths or toll attendants, and the invoice is issued on a monthly basis, or a prepaid option may be used.

This payment method facilitates travelling as ETC lanes are separeated from other toll collection lanes, and thus the traffic flow is made faster. Rather than stopping their vehicles at the toll booth, ETC users are only required to slow down so that the contact between the aerial on the pavement and the ETC transponder in the vehicle can be established. Thus the driving through toll station is made easier, faster and less troublesome.

Two operators, HAC and ARZ, have introduced the ETC system for passenger cars in the summer of 2006, and the system has been gaining in popularity ever since, mainly because it enables faster passage through toll stations. In addition, HAC has introduced in December 2007 the ETC system for trucks, i.e. for the third and fourth vehicle categories. The devices are compatible and so it does not matter whether they are bought at ARZ or HAC outlets.

In June 2010, BINA-ISTRA has introduced the electronic toll collection method of payment via ETC device. ETC - BINA-ISTRA device can also be used for toll payments at HAC and ARZ toll plazas, while ETC devices from HAC and ARZ, if previously encoded in BINA-ISTRA, can at the same time be used for payment at toll plazas on Istrian Y.

New BINA-ISTRA subscribers can earn up to 50% discount on toll payment, while the existing subscribers need to exchange their magnetic card for a new ETC device (device price 100,00 kn + VAT) and choose the subscription model best suitable to them that contains the mentioned discounts. The existing account balance will be transferred automatically to the new ETC account.

Users who already posses ETC device issued from HAC or ARZ, and would also like to use it on Istrian Y, can choose from two options:

  1. If they are frequent users of Istrian Y, they can choose to become Bina-Istra subscribers by coming to Bina-Istra point of sale and open an additional account on the existing ETC device and in this way earn up to 50% discount on toll payment on Istrian Y.
  2. If they are only occasional users of Y, they have the option to register their credit card for payments via ETC device by coming to Bina-Ista point of sale with their ETC device and in this case their credit card will be charged at full toll price when passing through toll plaza.

BINA-ISTRA points of sale:

Tunel Učka
Most Mirna
Čvor Pula
Monday to Saturday 7:00 - 19:00

In the future, the objective is to achieve an "invisible" tolling, i.e. the tolling without stopping, and new technologies are explored to find solutions enabling faster tolling and, if possible, the total free flow situation (tolling with free flow of traffic). These new developments in tolling technology will enable greater mobility and easier driving.

You can find out more about these devices and payment options by visiting web sites of the concessionaires