Tolls are the main source of road infrastructure financing. Toll collection revenues are used to finance, build, maintain, operate and improve the motorways.

Two toll collection systems are in use on Croatian motorways: open and closed toll collection system. On engineering structures (bridges, tunnels) and on shorter motorway sections the open toll system is in use. In such toll system a toll station serves as both entry and exit station which means that toll transactions are conducted immediately based on the subject vehicle category. On motorways with several entries and exits closed toll collection system is in use.

In the closed toll collection system the motorway user takes a toll ticket at the entry and returns it to the toll attendant at the motorway exit. Based on the submitted ticket toll collection is charged according to the length of the travelled section and vehicle category. The users of electronic toll collection (ETC) use the lanes dedicated for this method of payment and do not take a toll ticket.

At toll stations toll may be paid in cash, by cards identified as acceptable means of payment at the points of sale, by cheques or subscription means. It may also be paid in foreign currencies according to the exchange rate in force on the date of payment. Return is made in HRK.

All European countries collect toll as a compensation for the use of motorways and their various amenities. The use of infrastructure (motorways, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, etc.) is perceived as the use of transport services provided by the concessionaire to drivers-users.

The toll regarded as compensation for the use of services has assumed different forms and names in European countries. Thus toll can be collected directly at toll stations and indirectly through vignettes, while in some countries the flow of vehicles is monitored via microwave technology or satellites, and kilometres travelled are calculated via devices installed in cars (on-board units). On motorways and other tolled structures operated by the company Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o. tolls are collected in accordance with the length of the travelled section and as per relevant vehicle category.

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