Ensuring sustainability in times of dwindling traffic: the role of tolling

During the 2014 ASECAP Days the major transport stakeholders had the opportunity to meet in order to examine all the technology developments and to reflect upon the current socio-economic situation. It was the occasion for high-level panellists representing toll road infrastructure operators, EU decision-makers and ministers to discuss the role of the tolled roads in ensuring sustainability in times of dwindling traffic. They all commonly share the key political view on the "way-forward" for the sustainable development of the tolled road sector, based on a realistic vision towards efficient, safe and intelligent road mobility.

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The 7th ASECAP ROAD SAFETY CONFERENCE, held in Madrid on the 25th of March, has been a key opportunity for toll road operators to present their most innovative initiatives and the great results achieved, by "saving lives", on their road network.

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We have the pleasure to present you a new issue of the National Report on Motorways in Croatia for the year 2013. As per December 31, 2013 the Croatian Motorway Network amounted to 1,288.5 km and is operated by 4 companies.

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The 41st edition of the annual ASECAP Study and Information Days took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 26 to 28 May 2013. Traditionally successful conference was hosted under the theme: "Promoting Sustainable Growth – The Role of the Toll Roads" and brought together about 200 professionals, panellists from the road infrastructure sector across Europe and beyond who had the opportunity to present their companies, exchange experiences and learn about the latest trends and practices in the fields of tolling and concessions, road safety and sustainability and intelligent transport systems.

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