Road networks play the leading role in European mobility landscape. Despite the effort spent by the European Union and by the Member States to stimulate the use of other mode of transport, road transport still represents the most used way of moving people and freight across Europe: 72% of passengers move by car and 45% of freight is moved by trucks.

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The 2nd ASECAP Marketing workshop has been a dynamic and interactive forum where the ASECAP members have the possibility to exchange ideas and practices undertaken in their own country. The workshop has taken place in February 2015 in the ASFA Headquarters in Paris and have seen almost 30 participants from more than 10 countries.

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Ensuring sustainability in times of dwindling traffic: the role of tolling

During the 2014 ASECAP Days the major transport stakeholders had the opportunity to meet in order to examine all the technology developments and to reflect upon the current socio-economic situation. It was the occasion for high-level panellists representing toll road infrastructure operators, EU decision-makers and ministers to discuss the role of the tolled roads in ensuring sustainability in times of dwindling traffic. They all commonly share the key political view on the "way-forward" for the sustainable development of the tolled road sector, based on a realistic vision towards efficient, safe and intelligent road mobility.

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