The 9th annual ASECAP Road Safety Conference will take place in Warsaw on the 8th of March 2016. ASECAP and its members consider Road Safety as the key mission guiding their work and activities in order to keep ensuring that toll roads are the safest roads in Europe.

In the area of road safety, the key challenges of the future and the potential solutions stems from the development of a safe cooperative system between the infrastructure, the vehicles and the driver, the so called Safety Triangle. Close partnerships strongly committed to improve road safety is part of the success. This is the reason why ASECAP is keen to strengthen its relations with all the stakeholders involved: industry, policy makers and responsible authorities.

This Conference will be the opportunity to actively discuss the priorities of the newly appointed European Commission and the European Parliament and the possible revision of the European road safety legislative framework. ASECAP and its members are willing to share their views and strong expertise on what needs to be done to achieve the “vision zero” goal of no fatalities on the European roads.

ASECAP and its members will provide some interesting presentations shedding more light on the many projects and innovations they are currently implementing to ensure a very safe and efficient mobility across Europe. ASECAP also invites other stakeholders to present their ideas, projects aiming to fulfill the same goals: improving road safety.

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