Under ASECAP President Oyvind Halleraker, with the active presence of its members, the EU Institutions and the key stakeholders, ASECAP organised, the 8th ASECAP Annual Road safety event which was held in Vienna on the 3rd March 2015.

The conference focused on the typical cooperative safety triangle, roads-vehicles-drivers. In the modern “mobility era” this triangle faces new challenges as the daily priority is how to manage the highly combustible mixture of congested roads, speedy cars and drivers bombarded (i.e. distracted) by various pieces of information. In this framework the priority of ASECAP members is to manage safely their roads, their bridges and their tunnels, trusting to a better enforcing of safety infringements, both at national and cross-border base.


The ASECAP key instrument towards higher safety standards is the use of a realistic deployment oriented technology. In the modern world of smart cars, the intelligent roads want to achieve a clear target: to avoid having distracted drivers”, i.e. surprised drivers, on their networks. The motorways are constructed, upgraded, maintained and managed to get this high safety target and, in parallel, to react in a minimum time, bringing circulation back to order in case that an incident occurs.

ASECAP operators provide “reliable real traffic information to the driver” simplifying the relation between the vehicle and the driver. There was a key message in the conference: The vehicle on the road is not a moving computer but a safe structure that needs to be driven safely from departure point A to destination point B.

ASECAP President closed his remarks with the basic finding of the conference:

“Smart vehicles are the rule; drivers are more educated; roads become smarter and smarter. What is missing towards a realistic vision zero with no fatalities on our roads is a more efficient cooperation. We need courageous and intelligent policy-makers to take a smart choice: To create a road safety agency bringing both, public and industry, in the same regulatory room

All technical proceedings are available on www.asecap.com

ASECAP members fatality-rate

  • 522 less fatalities between 2001 and 2013
  • 62% reduction of fatalities on the ASECAP ROAD NETWORK between 2001 and 2013
  • 49 lives saved each year in the last decade
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