Objectives, activity and program - Asocciation HUKA

Out of the detailed account of objectives given in the HUKA Statutes and Work Program, the following objectives are selected as highly significant:

  • study various motorway management issues that are of general interest to HUKA members, and determine criteria and methods for finding appropriate solutions;
  • promote contacts between HUKA members and national authorities, local government and authorities, and other competent bodes in the Republic of Croatia, including economic entities and associations, and ensure representation through proxies or representatives;
  • develop mutually agreeable solutions in case of conflict of interest between HUKA members and, if unanimously requested, find solutions to disputed issues;
  • promote among its members adoption of harmonized criteria for management of services that are in charge of concession motorway operation;
  • gather together and popularize research activities, results, data and information relating to motorway sector, and this through congresses, public forums, discussions and appropriate newsletters and journals, and other forms of communication;
  • encourage and support any purposeful initiatives aimed at estimating the role of motorways in concession, and at improving their services;
  • adhere to and participate in the work of national and international organizations dealing with motorway concession issues; exchange experience with the European professional Association of toll motorways operators of toll road infrastructures (ASECAP) and take part in its work; cooperate with the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) to gather recent technical and engineering information.
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