In the scope of the European road safety charter, Croatia has also committed itself to promote safety of road traffic. Thus the EU leaflet cautioning the readers about the most common causes of traffic accidents, which can easily be avoided, have been distributed along all motorways in Croatia.

Safety is the highest priority issue in the European Union. It is also of utmost significance to all Croatian motorways companies involved in the management and operation of motorway traffic. By their very concept, motorways have been conceived as roadways offering the highest level of safety and comfort, and so we can rightly state that motorways are the safest mode of road transport currently available to the users. Statistics prove that motorways are 4 times safer than other roads. However, the driving process involves interaction among the driver, road, weather conditions and other participants in motorway traffic therefore the resposibility of the person driving a car is crucial.

Accidents happening on motorways are mostly due to: